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Thinking about window tint for your car? Here are the top reasons to tint your vehicle.

  1. It can keep you safer in an accident: When a car is in a collision sometimes the glass breaks. If the car has window tint on it, it's more likely to keep the glass intact.

  2. Because skincare is important: We all (or most of us) use sunscreen when we go to the beach or hit the pool. Especially in Texas. Why don't we care about the time we're in the car every day on the way to work or to grab the kids or to meet friends? The average American spends 10 hours and 50 minutes in the car each week. Can you convert that to age spots on your face or hands? Window tint blocks 99% UV rays that not only age us, but cause cancer. The beauty of living in times of great technology is that we have clear ceramic tint that covers the whole front windshield. Problem solved.

  3. Added privacy to your vehicle: Some people think privacy is a thing of the past. But with window tint, you can prevent people from peering into your car. Yes, they most likely can still see in if you have a lighter film, but a thief chooses the path of least resistance and will pass up a tinted car to get to a non-tinted car for speed and efficiency.

  4. Reduce glare and block the sun: Yes, this is the number one thing that comes to mind when people think of window tint. With so many different grades and shades of tint, there is something for everyone. Need a clear windshield tint to block the heat, Cutting Edge has it. Are you vertically challenged, or does your visor fail to block the early and late day sun? Cutting Edge installs eyebrows (the strip across the top of the front windshield) to solve that problem. Don't like the look of the eyebrow? We offer a clear ceramic tint that blocks 60% of infrared heat and blocks 44% total heat. Our clear ceramic tint is a light film that is guaranteed to pass inspection.

  5. Energy efficient: A cooler vehicle uses less air conditioning. This in turn adds longevity to your car's AC and all the moving parts that support it. This also helps save with fuel cost. You know that green eco button that supposedly helps you save gas? Get something that makes a real impact. Tint.


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Amelia Shepard
Amelia Shepard
Nov 05, 2023

I enjoyed reading your thoughts on this. It reminded me of a post I saw on [ discussing how to make it last longer. Check it out if you get a chance!

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