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Q & A: Have you ever asked yourself one of these when thinking about getting your windows tinted?

What are the different tint percentages?

At Cutting Edge, we carry Madico’s Black Pearl HP line. And from that line we carry 4%, 15%, and 32%. We also carry a nano-ceramic windshield tint that is 75%.

What percentage is the darkest legal tint in Texas?

The darkest visible light transmittance (VLT) you can put on your front two windows in Texas, is 25%. Since windows come with a super light factory tint, we use Madico HP 32% as the darkest tint for the front two windows. Once it’s all done, it will come out legally.

What is the most popular window tint? The most common request for tint is to have the front two legal (32%) and the back two and windshield to be dark but not limo. The middle shade we use is 15%.

Is 15 or 20 percent tint darker?

The number (percentage) equals the amount of light that comes through the film, so 20% allows that much more sun to come in making it the lighter of the two.

Does the tint go on the outside?

Nope! Tint is installed on the inside of the window to protect it from the elements.

Can you use spray tint on windows? You can. You shouldn’t. In fact, we highly advise against it.

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