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Important tips to follow to keep your window tint in great shape

After-service care - Do not roll down the windows for at least 72 hours in the summer and at least five days in the winter.

Streaky and oily window care - If you notice that your windows are looking a little tired, take some warm water and mild soap and give it a couple of sprays. Wipe with a microfiber towel and watch those windows come back to life. Voila, good as new.

Materials to clean with - Never use anything scratchy or abrasive when cleaning your windows. We shudder to think of what that can do to our quality installations. Get into the habit of always using a soft cloth, microfiber or chamois.

Protecting the integrity of your tint - At Cutting Edge Window Tinting we use quality film. To increase the longevity of your tint, always use ammonia-free products when cleaning your windows. This will keep your windows looking sleek which will in turn maintain the value of your car when it's ready for resale. Using ammonia products on windows will not be immediately obvious, but take our word for it - you will notice a change in the tint over time.

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