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You Can Sell Shiv Khera Pdf Downloads 27 raqrang


Download: You can sell by Shiv Khera You Can Sell An easy-to-read, practical, common-sense guide to selling your home in today’s market, You Can Sell is filled with real-life, practical advice from the author of the bestselling book, 10 Easy Steps. About Shiv Khera Shiv Khera is the author of 16 books, including the international bestseller You Can Sell. He has been recognized by the Round Table Foundation and honoured by the U.S. State Department and is recognized by as a must-read. He lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Table of Contents Chapter 1: Step 1: The Biggest Mistake You Can Make Is Not Thinking Chapter 2: Step 2: The Basics of Selling Chapter 3: Step 3: Prepare to get things done Chapter 4: Step 4: The Money Game Chapter 5: Step 5: Selling and Listing Chapter 6: Step 6: You Must Be a Person of Confidence Chapter 7: Step 7: The Foundation of the Sale Chapter 8: Step 8: Your Role as the Seller’s Friend Chapter 9: Step 9: Marketing and Advertising Chapter 10: Step 10: Price Isn’t Everything Chapter 11: Step 11: Negotiation Chapter 12: Step 12: Closing the Deal Chapter 13: Step 13: A Final Summary of You Can Sell Chapter 14: Step 14: Who Is Shiv Khera? Chapter 15: Step 15: You Can Sell – The Good News Chapter 16: Step 16: You Can Sell – The Bad News Chapter 17: Step 17: My Final Thoughts Chapter 18: Step 18: The Best Free Marketing Tool Chapter 19: Step 19: So What Happens Now? Chapter 20: Step 20: The Ten-Point Guide to Selling Your Home in Today’s Market Chapter 21: Step 21: The Ten-Point Guide to Buying Your Next Home Chapter 22: Step 22: How to Save Money while Doing It Right Chapter 23: Step 23: Conclusion Chapter 24: The Ten-Point Guide to the Sale of Your Home Chapter 25: The Ten-Point Guide to Buying Your Next Home Chapter 26: Step 26:




You Can Sell Shiv Khera Pdf Downloads 27 raqrang

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